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Welcome to from Trafficfundi. We are a search engine opitmisation company and we offer all aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase traffic to your website and grow your business.

We are a specialist online marketing company, with over 25 years combined experience in our expert SEO team. We have a goal-based approach to SEO and our priority is not just to increase your Google rankings and website traffic, but to make sure we increase your sales and grow your business too. As well as search engine optimisation, we also offer Adwords campaign management (PPC), conversion optimisation and social media management services including Twitter and Facebook.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Package       Ideal For                                          Monthly Cost

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Investing in search engine optimisation for your website can be a big commitment, but it is the first step to ensuring that your website is ranked by Google and will allow your potential customers to find you. So how much does SEO cost? It all depends on how competitive your keyword market is. For example, getting your site to the top of Google for a niche keyword area like ‘car roof racks’, will take a lot less time and investment that achieving a first place spot for ‘car insurance’. Fill out the form and tell us about your business, and we can let you know how competitive your keyword market is.

The search engine optimization services that we offer come in different packages based on the size of your website and nature of your industry. Our prices start from R1,000 per month for small, local businesses in non-competitive industries, and we also offer bespoke packages that are custom built to suit your needs. For any highly competitive market, our packages wil always be custom built. Whether you need technical SEO assistance, content development or link building, we will focus our time on the areas that your website needs improving the most.

We rank as one of the top search engine optimisation companies in South Africa and can provide testimonials from some of South Africa’s most respected Companies. Welcome to Trafficfundi.

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